Lawn Maintenance – Lawn Cutting

Lake Services Unlimited is dedicated to providing dependable, quality services.

Our customers have been receiving the highest quality service since 1997.

Our experienced technicians will cut your lawn at a consistent height using commercial equipment to fit your property. Blades are razor sharp to promote cutting the grass instead of breaking it. Specialists who know their business and care about what they're doing keep up with current research; stay on top of the changing weather; and have the right people and equipment to meet your needs. We're serious about doing things right, and we'll always work hard to earn, and keep, your confidence and trust.

You can always depend on the work done by our trained technicians to make your corner of the world a better, more beautiful place for you to enjoy. Lawn cutting also includes the trimming around all obstacles, trees, landscaping, etc. and blowing off of clippings.

Serving the Amery, Balsam Lake, Dresser, Osceola, St Croix Falls, Turtle Lake, Star Prairie, Frederic, Luck, Wanderoos, and Somerset areas.

Lawn Cutting Services Milltown Wisconsin

Lawn Cutting Services Balsam Lake Wisconsin

Lawn Cutting Services Amery Wisconsin