Landscape Maintenance – Liquid Fence

You will find Liquid Fence to be….


Liquid Fence actually trains animals to avoid the treated area, thus preventing damage.


Liquid Fence repellents cost only a fraction of the price of a plant replacement.

Environmental Safe

Liquid Fence repellents contain only non-toxic ingredients and are biodegradable. This product is safe for use near people and pets when used as directed. All ingredients in Liquid Fence repellents are exempt from EPA registration and fall under 25-B classification of non-registration.

Liquid Fence deer and rabbit repellents, mole repellents and goose repellents are unique. While most products on the market operate on the basis of taste (so animals must first bite plants and cause damage), our repellents work on an odor that animals find offensive, leaving plants intact.

You must be 100% satisfied with Liquid Fence Repellents or we will refund your money.

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Liquid Fence All-Purpose Animal Repellent