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Driveway gravel, also referred to as "driveway rock" or commonly associated with the gravel service, is a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your driveway without incurring substantial costs. By incorporating driveway gravel, you'll establish a sturdy surface ideal for driving on, ensuring long-lasting durability and an aesthetically pleasing appearance for years to come.

At Lake Service Unlimited, we offer driveway gravel that consists of a blend of clay, sand, and rock to create a firm surface for driving on. Not only will gravel improve the appearance of your driveway, but it will also add value to your home. In addition, driveway gravel is easy to maintain and is less likely to crack or chip than concrete. Explore our range of options to find the perfect fit for your needs and budget. If you're curious about driveway gravel prices, contact us for a quote tailored to your specific requirements.

We have been providing Superior Quality Services & Products Since 1997. Our driveway gravel is perfect for those who want a durable surface that will last for years to come. If you are looking for driveway rock sale, we have a variety of options to choose from. We also offer driveway rock for sale so that you can get the perfect mix of materials for your needs.


Available Driveway Gravel

Each driveway gravel types has its unique properties that make it suitable for different types of driveways:

  • Class 5 Trap rock gravel for driveway rock is the hardest kind of rock, with a blue-gray color that makes it perfect for driveways. It has great compaction properties and will last for years to come.
  • Class 5 Lime Rock is tan in color and has excellent compaction properties as well as being ideal for use as a base for other types of driveways.
  • Class 5 Riverbend (Road Gravel) is dark brown with sand and clay mixed in—making it perfect for those who want a more natural look while still getting great compaction properties and durability from their driveway gravel!

Whether it's a new driveway or patio, we can help you pick out the perfect material to suit your needs. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who have been trained by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the industry. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our work, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are looking to buy driveway gravel, we have a wide selection to choose from to enhance the appeal and durability of your driveway.

If you're looking for the best quality materials at affordable prices, then look no further than Lake Service Unlimited! We offer burnet crushed gravel and driveway rock delivery and installation services in Richmond. We will also load your truck or trailer at no additional fee, so nothing is stopping you from getting started on your project today.

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