Lawn Maintenance – Fertilizing

Lawn fertilizing services Balsam Lake WisconsinRegular treatment, reliable results
Our trained specialists know how to create a green, nearly weed-free lawn, and do it quickly. But a single application can’t do it alone.  A great lawn deserves more. Regular, consistent treatment and care produces the best possible results. We recommend 2-3 applications for the season.

Customized care for every season and climate

Early Spring
Our first visit is designed to promote recovery from winter stress and early spring greening. We also apply weed control and crabgrass control, weather permitting.

In the spring, your lawn needs extra nutrients to maintain color and density. While delivering nutrient treatment, we also inspect and treat weeds in your lawn. Crabgrass control may be reapplied if necessary.

Early Summer
Summer conditions can stress your lawn. To prepare for the warm season ahead, we fertilize, look for problems, and treat surface-feeding insects* and weeds as necessary.Late Summer
Care continues with a summer fertilizer application** that helps maintain color without encouraging excess growth. Weeds will be treated if necessary, and if grubs are present, we recommend a control option for you.*

Early Fall
Your lawn needs help rebounding from summer stress. We provide proper fertilization to facilitate recovery, and treat for insects and weeds as necessary.

Late Fall
The late fall treatment fertilizes to help thicken your lawn and encourage new root growth. We continue to inspect for weed problems and treat as necessary.

The winterizer application promotes root growth and food storage important for your lawn’s survival during winter.

Service Area
Serving the Amery, Balsam Lake, Dresser, Osceola, St Croix Falls, Turtle Lake, Star Prairie, Frederic, Luck, Wanderoos, and Somerset areas.